How to start a diet?

How to start a diet

Do you dream of a slim figure? Do you want to get rid of excessive kilograms?

Unfortunately, it change a diet and thus make some changes in your lifestyle. At first it may seem like a huge challenge but we are convinced that you can do it. Start by making the right dietary habits.

Step by step

If you are looking for long-term effects, make gradual changes in your life, as changing your eating habits takes time and dedication. Why? Until now, you have been feeding yourself for many years, perpetuating certain eating patterns that need to be changed and improved now and that takes time. You need to forget about highly processed food, unhealthy snacks and snacking between meals. What is more, learn to eat meals on a regular basis while eliminating sweet drinks and treats. We are aware that the weight loss process can take up to several months from the start of a diet but only in this way can we earn long-lasting results.

Set yourself free

If you decide to change your diet, you must become resistant to discouragement or irritation. You must persevere in the belief that you are able to persevere on your diet so as not to return to your old unhealthy eating habits, as this is the only way you can achieve satisfying results.

Introduce some important rules

  1. Recalculate your energy needs,
  2. Create a calorific balance for your meals,
  3. introduce vegetables or fruits in each meal,
  4. drink at least 2 litres of water per day,
  5. add a portion of protein to each meal,
  6. Make sure you get a hard sleep of at least 7 hours,
  7. Arm yourself with patience,
  8. introduce physical activity into your lifestyle,
  9. consistently pursue the goal,
  10. Eliminate unhealthy carbohydrates and refined sugars,
  11. Avoid drinks containing sugar,
  12. Do not get on the scales every day.

Take care of your diet

Everyone is different and has different nutritional needs. That is why, it is necessary to approach the dietary choices on an individual basis. What should be taken into consideration includes height, weight, age, as well as physical activity, general health or financial issues. A well-chosen diet should take into account the real amount of meals we are able to eat during the day. It does not have to be as many as 5 meals. What matters is the whole day's caloric balance and the proportions of macro nutrients. Since each of us is different, there is no single diet that will be effective for everyone. Do not be fooled by low-calorie diets, as they can have the opposite effect than you would like. How is this possible? By delivering a small amount of food to the body, it stores it in the form of body fat. Therefore, it is extremely important that the calories of meals are gradually reduced and the energy deficit is selected individually.

Ask your specialist for advice

If you decide on the support of a nutrition specialist, you get help in determining:

  • essential nutrients such as macro and microelements, vitamins and antioxidants,
  • the quantities we should take,
  • of proper hormone management.

Realistic goals

When starting a diet, we should define a goal that can be achieved. We realize that the beginnings can be difficult, so we can divide the weight loss process into individual stages and set intermediate goals instead of one final one. Undoubtedly, this method has a beneficial effect on our motivation, and at the same time helps to control the entire weight loss proces effectively. In order not to be discouraged, weight control should take place no more often than once a week, in the morning, on an empty stomach, after the morning toilet, in lightweight underwear. Moreover, in order to keep the effects for longer, it is recommended not to lose more than 1 kilogram per week. It turns out to be beneficial to introduce changes step by step to get used to new healthy eating habits which will gradually bring us closer to our goal.

The right motivation

It is important to take the right approach to diet. Motivation is the key to success. We must realize that diet is also a change of habits to a healthier one, connected with the improvement of health and well-being, with the chance for a better life. Prepare yourself for a diet in the right way and do not waste your enthusiasm.

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