Grab a cocktail in your hand and enjoy a slim silhouette


Do you dream of a slim figure?

Do you want to get rid of excessive kilograms?

Bet on slimming cocktails!

What are weight loss cocktails?

Slimming shakes are very popular in weight loss diets because they are prepared on the basis of fruit and vegetables and thus have a high fibre content. They have a low calorie value, due to the elimination of additional spices or sugar. Slimming cocktails can boast the content of nutrients, vitamins and mineral salts. What does the phenomenon of slimming cocktails result from? The simple recipe and easy access to ingredients make them available to more and more people. Slimming cocktails are used to replace one to three meals a day in each phase of the diet.

What should I use to prepare weight-loss shakes?

Slimming cocktails are prepared on the basis of fruit and vegetables, among which the most popular are grapefruits, oranges, avocados, cranberries, currants, as well as celery, beets, red peppers, tomatoes, broccoli or carrots. All vegetables and fruits contain many valuable nutrients, essential for the proper functioning of the body. These ingredients provide our body with a lot of fiber, vitamin C, regulate fat metabolism and prevent atherosclerosis.

What does eating weight-loss cocktails give?

Overnight weight loss cocktails are gaining more and more allies due to their surprisingly positive effect on the body. Research shows that systematic consumption of cocktails affects:

  • regulation of fat metabolism,
  • fewer risks of atherosclerosis,
  • acceleration of metabolism,
  • purified body,
  • elimination of free radicals,
  • reduction of the risk of cancer, cardiovascular disease,
  • improved body's immunity,
  • improved complexion,
  • improved intestinal functioning,

The use of a little olive oil or linseed oil in cocktails increases the absorption of fat-soluble vitamins.

A few drops of olive oil or linseed oil can be added to increase the absorption of fat-soluble vitamins. Slimming shakes improve intestinal function effectively and prevent constipation and intestinal diseases.

Why is it worth to reach for weight loss cocktails?

Currently there are many forms of slimming cocktails on the market in various forms and flavours. Thanks to this, the diet is not uniform and monotonous. Slimming cocktails are gaining a wider audience as they replace these unhealthy, least balanced meals during the day. In addition, taking weight loss cocktails regularly helps us change our lives by creating healthier eating habits. In addition, weight loss cocktails are available in many flavours so we can motivate ourselves to continue losing weight without giving up our favourite flavours.

It is also worth noting that weight loss cocktails contain as much as 80% of proteins, which is important for people who spend a lot of time on physical activity and do not want their muscle mass to be reduced along with their weight.

What does a diet with weight loss cocktails look like?

Are you wondering how to use a diet with weight loss cocktails to ensure the best possible results? Slimming shakes can replace one to three meals per day. The best results are achieved by replacing the least healthy meals with a cocktail. In addition, you should not forget to follow a balanced diet. Moreover, eat in such a way as to keep your calorie needs under control per day and do not exceed them. A reduction of the daily calorie requirement by 200-300 kcal has a positive effect. It has been proven that the weight loss process can be accelerated by introducing physical activity into your lifestyle. Start with a quick march, then enter running, cycling, stepper or orbitrek. The next stage will be the introduction of interval training which provides the fastest calorie burning and gives satisfying results.

Why are green cocktails the most popular?

Green cocktails have many supporters among both genders. The advantages:

  • Nutritional properties because they contain a large amount of chlorophyll, enzymes, iron, magnesium, phosphorus, potassium, as well as provitamins A, B vitamins and vitamins C, E and K and protein,
  • They are easy to assimilate because they are easily digestible,
  • There is a large amount of fibre which provides a feeling of satiety for longer.

Guidelines in self-preparation

When deciding to prepare cocktails on our own, we must remember a few guidelines that will make our diet more effective and satisfying:

  • combine fruit and vegetables in a 3:2 ratio,
  • combine green-leaved vegetables with fruit and water to lower the calories of the cocktail,
  • Choose fruit with a creamy texture so that the cocktail is as creamy as possible (e.g. bananas, strawberries, avocado),
  • choose the fresh vegetables and fruits,
  • add grains (flaxseed and bran or oat flakes),
  • Season shakes with honey, lemon, ginger, cinnamon.

The appropriate supplementation

Slimming cocktails are very popular with both men and women. No wonder, as they provide excellent results. However, we cannot forget about the proper supplementation in the form of weight loss pills which quickly hit the source of the problem. Just a few days after starting, you will notice surprising results in the form of reduction of accumulated fat in different parts of the body, improved metabolism, or better mood. Just remember to use high quality products, as they guarantee the best results. Find out about it today!

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