Fat burners - what are they and are they worth using?

fat burners

Obesity is our civilization's disease and affects people of virtually any age, skin colour or origin. We must be aware that overweight is also associated with cardiovascular diseases or cancer. Specialists call for more physical activity that contributes to health, fitness and proper body weight.

Do you also want to be more muscular?

Do you want to keep your body fat low?

Choose a high quality fat burner that will help you complete your diet as well as accelerate weight reduction. So it is no wonder that they are becoming increasingly popular among both men and women.

What are fat burners?

Generally speaking, they are dietary supplements based on selected ingredients that are designed to reduce the amount of fat gathered in different parts of the body. The task of fat burners is to increase energy expenditure, which has a direct impact on the reduction of excessive weight. What is more, fat burners help to shape your figure in less time than a diet and exercise. Fat burners can be divided into two groups: lipolytic and thermogenic.

  • Lipolytic burners - stimulate the reduction of body fat and prevent the accumulation of fat in the future. Lipolytic burners are based primarily on such ingredients as dietary fiber, algae, ginger extract, pineapple extract, yerba mate extract, green coffee extract, pu-erh red tea extract and green tea extract. They provide a feeling of satiety.
  • Thermogenic parachutes - stimulate the nervous system by raising the body temperature which leads to the consumption of more calories. Moreover, they also improve concentration and training efficiency. Their composition includes caffeine, capsaicin, synephrine and tyramine.

What do fat burners contain?

Fat burners are based on a variety of ingredients but most supplements are based on a similar composition and some of the ingredients are chosen by all manufacturers.

  • Caffeine - contributes to an increase in the reduction of fatty tissue and at the same time increases the concentration of free fatty acids in the blood. It has been proven that the best results can be achieved by consuming caffeine before or during a low intensity effort. [1]
  • L-carnitine - accelerate the rate of fat reduction.
  • Green tea extract - leads to increased oxidation of fatty acids and at the same time accelerates the metabolism. In addition, it activates the body more strongly for energy consumption.
  • Red Tea Extract - stimulates intestinal peristalsis which causes the secretion of digestive juices.
  • Cayenne Pepper - increases thermogenesis and inhibits appetite thanks to capsaicin.

Is it worth introducing fat burners into your diet?

If we decide on high quality supplements based on properly selected ingredients, we can expect support in reducing the fat tissue. It turns out to be extremely important to follow the dosage recommendations. We need to realize that taking larger amounts of the supplement does not necessarily mean that we lose more weight, but it can only have an adverse effect on our body. It is recommended to take the supplement in the lowest possible dose for about 2 weeks. You will be able to gradually increase it.

What effects do fat burners provide?

  • They reduce body fat,
  • They optimize body weight,
  • They help build muscle mass,
  • They help maintain proper weight without the yoyo effect,
  • They improve metabolism,
  • They help absorb nutrients,
  • They maaintain a proper blood glucose level,
  • They reduce the fat synthesis process.

Is using fat burners safe?

When choosing fat burners, we should follow the dosage recommendations and sometimes choose slightly more expensive supplements, but with a proven and tested effect. Then we can rest assured of our health and safety. We advise against buying fat burners from unproven sources, as this can do more harm than good. Moreover, fat burners give excellent results in combination with a proper diet as well as regular physical activity. Then, you can count on noticeable effects much faster.

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